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The structure that houses your business is very important. It is the first thing that catches the eye when people approach the storefront, and a building that has “gone to the dogs” or is in disrepair will create a negative impression of your business.

Curb appeal aside, the exterior of the building, and especially the roof, is extremely valuable in protecting the valuables inside the building, including your customers, equipment and inventory, as well as your employees.

In our vast experience as commercial roofers, we know that most commercial buildings have flat roofs. These roofs are complex and require utmost skill to ensure that the slope is just right to facilitate proper drainage. Care must also be taken to ensure that all the roof membranes have been laid correctly. Any mistake can result in extensive property damage and the attendant inconveniences associated with such damage.

This outstanding service is delivered without having the premises vacated because our deep desire is to make the project as hassle-free as possible for the building occupants. This can be attained by scheduling the most disruptive activities during the hours when the building isn’t in use, such as at night or weekends, and we select tools and techniques that minimise disturbances.

Neatness and tidiness is the hallmark of The Roof Brothers, so don’t be surprised when we undertake a comprehensive cleanup of the jobsite once our teams have completed their assignment.

If you require expert help with your commercial roofing needs in Clarks Summit, Scranton, Lake Ariel, Peckville, Jessup, Archbald, Dunmore, Clarkes Green, and Wilkes-Barre, contact us today for our free no-obligations commercial roof repair, inspection, or installation estimate. Experience for yourself what we mean when we assert that The Roof Brothers is the roofing contractor Pennsylvanians can trust!


Do not risk such installation mistakes. Turn to The Roof Brothers for all your commercial roofing needs, whether they be commercial roof repair, installation, inspection or maintenance. We have decades of experience offering quality roofing on all sorts of commercial roofing projects, and yours will be right up our alley of expertise. We have mastered working with various roofing materials and are ready for your next project!

Our skilled roofers will get your commercial roofing job done exactly right the first time but make no mistake, we put safety first because your business and livelihood is at stake. Our powerful equipment and highly skilled staff will deliver a complete project within the timeline agreed and within budget.


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